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April 19, 2016/ Technology/

Welcome to CloudBreakSD.com – your source of the biggest and hottest updates on cloud technology. That’s right! We make sure to gather all the latest news throughout the world (and all over the web), bringing you only the most relevant information on this emerging technology. Still not convinced? Check out these topics that we generally tackle:


·        Trust Issues

Having your personal or business data stored over the internet might seem like a secure way of eliminating the need for creating continuous physical backups (and for bringing copies along with you wherever you go to ensure access), and it really is. However, it’s only as secure as the trust that you put on your cloud-technology provider. Sometimes, underhanded tactics and unannounced changes ruin the bond between cloud companies and their valued clients. Security breaches (especially those that get covered up) are synonymous with trust concerns as well.

·        Rules and Regulations

For individuals who save their files on the cloud, these rules and regulations don’t really matter much. However, for firms that operate in countries where there are strict rules on storing data at the corporate level, it’s important to stay on top of every update that might have a legal impact. That’s why we don’t hesitate to discuss in length whatever changes occur in these government-enforced guidelines – and we don’t just pick a few countries to focus on (we cover every update across the world).

·        Environment Options

When it comes to cloud technology, having choices is of utmost importance. After all, different individuals and businesses need different kinds of cloud-computing solutions. Whether it’s about the sheer amount of data that needs to be stored or the allocation of resources that must be secured, you must never hesitate to pinpoint what best fits your needs. Don’t worry though, as we’ll help you with that – by providing you with all the information necessary to decide which service or provider would be perfect for your specific needs.

·        App Developments

We all know that the cloud isn’t only about storing and accessing data. It also has the potential to eliminate the need to install, execute, and maintain entire applications. In this blog, you’ll learn about the various major players in the application outsourcing market. You will discover their latest breakthroughs, and find out whether any one of those could be of use to you in your pursuits – whether those are personal or business-related. Through this, you will easily find out whether you are missing out on great things on the app-outsourcing front.

cld-app-dev-gp34Remember though, that we aren’t merely about giving you updates – we also provide every other thing that you might need in your quest to understand the cloud. With this, we understand that a single perspective might not be enough to give you a holistic view of certain matters. That’s why we have also set up ways to allow our visitors to communicate with one another and even discuss the newest trends, issues, and developments amongst themselves.

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