Top 6 Traits of an Effective Motivational Speaker

September 26, 2016/ Speaker/

Nowadays, anyone can identify themselves as motivational speakers.  However, a true motivational speaker does not take this title lightly.  Their main job is to inspire and incite inspiration from the audience. The audience can always listen to any speaker.  But a motivational speaker’s main goal is not just to make the audience listen, but also to pull their heartstrings and touch their emotions well enough so that they will take action.  It takes skill, talent, and charisma for a person to do this.

At, we provide one dynamic speaker that effectively engages the audience.  What are some of the important traits to watch out for as you consider getting motivational speakers to inspire and engage people for your company or organization?

Here are 6 traits of an effective motivational speaker:

  1. Passionate

    A great speaker exudes passion when he or she speaks.  Passionate speakers are always evident and audience members can pick up easily if the speaker’s heart is not into the message.  Passionate speakers are always great motivators and they can bring the audience to a new level of intensity that spurs them to action.

  2. Humorous

    Motivational SpeakerIf you really think about it, the best things that we remember about talks and speeches are those that evoke strong emotions.  Majority of people seem to remember humorous quotes and funny anecdotes more than very serious stories.  A great speaker knows how to use appropriate humor to get the message across.  Humor usually breaks the ice and allows even the most reluctant and dubious audience member to listen to what you have to say.

  3. Has the ability to listen well

    It is one thing to hear what the audience has to say, but to actually listen to your audience while you are speaking takes a lot of sensitivity and skill.  A good speaker knows that it is not just about them.  The audience is not there simply to applaud the speaker, but they are there because they have needs that have to be met.  When the speaker is sensitive enough to know if the audience is engaged, then they will not get their message across effectively.
    A good speaker also prepares well by listening to what the client has to say.  They usually find out what message the client wants the speaker to convey to the target audience and incorporate that in their speech.

  4. Excellent Communication

    Having excellent communication skills is a basic trait that any public speaker should have.  What constitutes excellent communication skills?  It is not just pronouncing and enunciating words clearly, and being grammatically correct. Speakers with exemplary communication skills string words together and connect stories that tug at the heartstrings.  They do not only target the mind, but they target the heart.  Excellent communicators get right to the point and do not dawdle.  They don’t sugarcoat anything and say them as straightforward as possible.  Getting the message across as clearly as possible is one important trait that excellent communicators have.

  5. Strong set of Beliefs

    A strong set of beliefs simply means that a speaker is not easily swayed by new-fangled theories and the latest mindsets.  He or she has usually developed a tried and tested formula through years of experience and is willing to share that with the audience.

  6. Substantial

    There are far too many speakers nowadays who incorporate a lot of fluff in their speeches.  Sadly, many companies regret inviting big name speakers who do not have anything substantial to say to the audience.  An excellent speaker has something good to say that will be of good use to the people who are listening to them. They research about the topic, about the industry or company and customize their content accordingly.

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Effective Motivational Speaker

Our main speaker Garrison Wynn is an industry veteran that offers fresh perspectives on topics.  He is the epitome of the top 6 traits of an effective motivational speaker. He has presented to some of the best industry leaders from multi-billion companies. He always abides by his winning formula of business plus humor plus motivation equals real solutions, real entertainment, and real value.

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