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If, by any chance, we deem it necessary to suspend or terminate your account, we will do so. We do not have to explain in detail the grounds of suspension or termination, but we do guarantee that the possible reasons for such are within bounds of what’s acceptable.
Some examples of these grounds include:
• Spreading messages of hate
• Offending others with lewd comments
• Selling products on the comments section
• Posting links to competitor sites
• Impersonating an administrator
We may also block specific IPs at our discretion, but we assure you that we will only do so to keep the blog safe from everyone. IPs associated with potential DDoS attacks, malware risks, and hack susceptibility may be banned outright from connecting to the site.

Third-Party Links

We, at CloudBreakSD.com, team up with third-party sites and providers, mainly for the sake of gaining the necessary finances to keep the blog alive and up to date. This means you might see links, banners, and other similar things as you browse the pages of this website.

Do keep in mind that while we do check the contents of such advertisements from time to time, we do not guarantee that every one of them is safe and completely free of malware. If you are harmed by any of these third-party sites and providers, in any way, we shall not be held liable. By accessing CloudBreakSD.com, you agree that you will be solely responsible for your safety if ever you choose to click on any external link you find on the blog.

Legal Guidelines

Do keep in mind that your local laws may be in conflict with those followed by this blog. To be safe from any legal repercussions, please make sure that you are free to access this kind of website and that you are allowed to read on the matters being discussed here.
Also, while we do not provide personal or personally-identifiable information to any of our partners, if we are required to present such information so by the law, then we will immediately comply. Requests for personal or personally-identifiable information may be carried out in response to investigations.

News and Changes

We guarantee to inform you of any changes to our website and to its policies. If ever updates or changes are made, we will post about it and make such post visible to every user. Those who are active subscribers to our newsletter will also receive notices about any important changes that have been made on the blog or on the policies used to govern it.

Choosing to continue accessing or using CloudBreakSD.com after reading about an update will be understood as acknowledgement or agreement to any changes that have been made.

In some cases, we may be able to give notices regarding upcoming updates. We will post these notices on the news section of the blog, to make sure that all users will be able to read them. Also, we may gather feedback for these upcoming updates, but it does not necessarily mean that we will follow user feedback.

Accuracy of Content

By accessing this website, you agree that we shall not be held liable for any issues stemming from factual accuracy and completeness of information. You acknowledge that following any suggestions presented in this blog may only be done at your own risk. While we do our best ensure that all entries we publish are of utmost quality, it will be impossible for us to continuously fact-check an update all posts as new developments in cloud-computing technology come in.


If you find any of these terms unclear and if you have any objections, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Please do so by sending us an email. If, on the other hand, your account has been suspended (or if your IP seems to have been suddenly blocked), you are free to ask for clarifications through email.