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“I’m really thankful to those who made this blog. Why? Before I stumbled upon it, I used to browse several websites just to get all the information I need. Of course, I also had to visit those that provide updates on cloud technology. When I found this blog, I finally realized that learning about the cloud and staying up to date doesn’t have to be hard. With the sheer amount of time I have saved ever since I no longer had to jump from one website to another, I’ve managed to accomplish so much more in life as well as in business.”

– Janet, Miami FL

“I used to have a blog on cloud computing, but eventually I realized that the articles being posted on it aren’t really free from bias. Being the discerning consumer that I am, I only wish to access impartial information since I wouldn’t want to come up with all sorts of decisions that aren’t really best for my business.Fortunately, after searching the web for good alternatives, I found this blog. Not only does it provide thought-provoking discussions on the hottest happenings in the cloud-computing industry, it also provides basic how-to’s and reviews – the kind that clearly aren’t thinly-veiled attempts at selling a certain plan or service.”

– George, Atlanta GA

“I’m really happy with CloudBreakSD. It gives me everything I need to stay up to date. It helps me understand the way cloud technology is evolving, and it makes sure that a few clicks will suffice whenever I need info on something really specific.”

– James, Boca Raton FL

“There are so many news outlets on the web that specifically caters to the cloud-computing crowd. So, why did I choose this one? Well, it has that streamlined look and interface that makes reading and navigation a joy. Besides, with the minimal number of popup ads and banners on this site, I can learn as much as I want without being bothered by companies aiming to make a buck.”

– Christine, New Brunswick NJ

“There’s really no better resource on cloud technology than this blog. After all, aside from having the usual news and updates section, they also give their loyal readers a chance to communicate and collaborate. With the comments section being moderated in a manner that’s neither too strict nor too lenient, they allow people to connect, challenge, and most importantly, gain new insights straight from those just like them.Being one of the frequent posters on this blog, I want to commend those behind it and I wish them the best in keeping their site’s relevance and momentum.”

– Steven, Mobile AL

“CloudBreakSD is arguably the finest cloud-computing blog on the web. Why? I has everything you need if you’re interested in the technology. You will discover techniques in choosing the ideal cloud-storage solution. You will find out which companies are to be trusted. You will also realize that not every business needs to rely on the cloud at this point. Without this blog, I would probably have stayed in the dark in relation to all these terms and developments in cloud technology. Thanks to the wonderful people who’ve been running this blog!”

– Leland, Chicago IL

“Why do I go back to this blog? While it doesn’t really have everything that I need (what does?), it’s interesting enough to hold my attention for quite some time. Sometimes I spend hours just reading the comments, and in others I simply check out the newest things about the cloud industry. Maybe the layout’s a factor as well. It doesn’t hurt my eyes after all. For sure, I’m going to regularly check this site out in the years to come.”

–Joe, Washington DC

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