Here, at, we bring you the latest updates on cloud technology. Why? Because we believe that cloud computing is the future, whether at home or in business. Anyone will surely benefit from knowing the hottest developments in this cutting-edge marvel.
So, what kinds of news exactly will you read about on this blog? Here’s a brief list of what we have to offer:

Touching on the Standards

Given that cloud computing is fairly new, there’s still no clear consensus on what its standards should be – while this could be the root of understanding, it also highlights the possibility of collaboration, especially among today’s technology giants. Even though it seems that each company has its own definition of cloud computing standards today, rest assured that as time passes, the term will become better defined – until the day where clear, universal standards are established.

We’ll keep you up to date on the developments on that front, so you won’t end up confused as standards and definitions evolve through time.

Getting to Know the Firms

While cloud technology in general is driven by consumer and industrial needs, there’s one other factor that influences how it grows and changes – the companies behind it. Today, corporations, such as IBM, essentially run the cloud-computing industry, but eventually smaller firms will catch up and create a sizable impact. How exactly? Through the innovations they offer. By checking out our news page regularly, you won’t miss the next cloud-computing company that might change today’s technological landscape.

Of course, you’ll also know if some of the major players are beginning to show plans of assimilating these start-ups.

Unveiling the Hardware Link

Cloud technology isn’t just about standards and companies, it’s as much about the hardware used to run it. No matter how eager you are to broaden your knowledge on the latest CPUs, drives, and RAMs, if you’re interested (and invested) in cloud computing, you need to learn about such things. There’s no need to worry about visiting dozens of sites just to get your latest hardware updates. We’ll bring the news to you. More importantly, you won’t have to sift through all the information – after all, you’ll be sure that everything you see at is cloud-related.

All about the Matter of Trust

We know that trust is vital in cloud computing, and that’s why we’ll give you the latest insights into actions and responses that could either make you a believer or encourage you to make the jump. Specifically, you will find out whether the companies you’re following (or getting services from) are making some dodgy changes to their terms and conditions. You’ll also know right away whether there are news that their systems have been compromised and they’re denying such reports despite having clear evidence thrown their way.
Everything that could affect your trust is covered in this blog, making it your valuable partner in choosing among cloud-service providers.

Expert Predictions Do Matter

The cloud is the future – but even it has a future of its own. That’s why you should stay up to date when it comes to what experts foresee in relation to this technology. These experts clearly know what they’re doing and they won’t make baseless predictions – every assessment and evaluation of the trends and the things that would follow is backed by data. Aside from that, they have enough experience to rely on their instincts where information is limited.
If you’re investing (or you’re planning to invest) in cloud technology, their views should matter to you – and we’re here to give you updates on those.

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