PCB Assembly: Typical Order Process

July 4, 2017/ Electronics/

The printed circuit board (PCB) business is a multi-billion dollar industry that has a global reach. In fact, it is forecasted to earn revenues of more than $90 billion in 2017. The North American division of this industry has been consistently showing growth in the first quarter of 2016. The PCB business is expected to produce products that are of high-quality and have more compatibility with a range of products that require electronic components. Here www.pcbnet.com, you can get more information about printed circuit board (PCB) products.

The PCB assembly sector in the United States continues to manufacture boards using state-of-the-art equipment. For the last 27 years, Imagineering, Inc., based in Illinois, has been manufacturing PCBs. They have loyal customers such as Motorola, Whirlpool, Siemens, Lexmark, NASA, etc. which rely on their quality PCBs.

PCBImagineering provides a whole range of services and it is the pioneer in easy online quotations and ordering of Full Turn-Key services. All the client has to do is to upload their Bill of Materials, and they will receive quotes in minutes. Aside from Full Turn-Key transactions, clients can also order Partial Turn-Key and even consignment services.

The team of highly-skilled and trained professionals from Imagineering, combined with their state-of-the art equipment, makes them a leader in PCB Assembly services.

Turn-key service is beneficial for companies because it lessens the need to talk to and organize various vendors and parts. It offers just one bulk purchase order. There are also sourcing experts who look for different parts and are able to correctly order the appropriate number of parts. Ordering the correct number helps prevent production delays.

What typical order process will the company go through when they order?

First, they need to get all the information needed to assemble the PCB. The information submitted by companies to us is treated with utmost confidentiality. It is essential to gather all the important components. All the components should also be precise. This ensures fast turnaround time with the best possible results.

The data that are needed are the following:

Bill of Materials, Gerber Files or Assembly Drawing, and Pick-and-Place file or Centroid Data. Quantity and lead time should also be specified. When the Turn-key quote is finalized, the company has to send the following: Bill of Materials, 274X Format of Gerber Data or Assembly Drawing, Pick-and-Place file or Centroid Data, and an available sample. If the PCB is not ordered through Imagineering, then that should be sent as well. We recommend that the Bill of Materials be in digital format, preferably in an Excel file. The Bill of Materials is another important document that should contain complete information such as reference designator, component descriptor, package or case type, and name of manufacturer. If there are special instructions, they should also be sent with detailed information. For example, sample testing instructions, packing instructions, PCB specifications, and others should be made known by the client.

Why is an assembly drawing needed?

An assembly drawing can be submitted in PDF or JPEG file format. It is prepared by exporting a file of the PCB’s silkscreen layer. The main function of the assembly drawings during the PCB assembly process is to be able to give the machine operator sufficient data to test whether the rotation of each component is right and that every assembled component is on its precise position.

As mentioned earlier, the exact and precise position of each component is a very crucial part of PCB assembly. The automatic machine has to be fed with this information using center coordinates of the PCB components. Companies usually provide an exported CAD file from designated design software. Gerber files, which are images of the various PCB layers, are also needed. The built-in CAM module can export the Gerber files from the software. The stencil layers, the conductor layers, the markings on the PCBs, Vias and Solder resist layers should all be submitted in Gerber files.

During the actual PCB assembly process, the company is capable of using various types of processes such as surface-mount technology, Flip chip, Through-Hole Assembly, Cable Assemblies, Flex Circuit Assembly, and Wire harness assembly. Imagineering, Inc. is also capable of creating 22 layers of PCBs, creating 8 mil plated or 5 mil laser drilled holes, and creating a 6 ounce copper PCB with a maximum thickness of .300 inches.

PCB-AssemblyThe most common assembly usually has both through-hole components and surface-mount devices, so both of these assembly types are used in one board. Through-hole technology is most often used in components that contain wires, while surface-mount technology are placed directly onto the copper pads and do not require holes. Through-hole technology usually has more mechanical integrity, and is still used for switches and important connectors. However, there are some components previously using the through-hole format that were designed again to be soldered directly on the copper PCB surface.

Through-hole components were replaced by surface-mount devices because they are easier to assemble during large productions which use automated equipment. Surface-mount devices also take up smaller spaces compared to through-hole devices.

Top 6 Traits of an Effective Motivational Speaker

September 26, 2016/ Speaker/

Nowadays, anyone can identify themselves as motivational speakers.  However, a true motivational speaker does not take this title lightly.  Their main job is to inspire and incite inspiration from the audience. The audience can always listen to any speaker.  But a motivational speaker’s main goal is not just to make the audience listen, but also to pull their heartstrings and touch their emotions well enough so that they will take action.  It takes skill, talent, and charisma for a person to do this.

At motivational-speaker-success.com, we provide one dynamic speaker that effectively engages the audience.  What are some of the important traits to watch out for as you consider getting motivational speakers to inspire and engage people for your company or organization?

Here are 6 traits of an effective motivational speaker:

  1. Passionate

    A great speaker exudes passion when he or she speaks.  Passionate speakers are always evident and audience members can pick up easily if the speaker’s heart is not into the message.  Passionate speakers are always great motivators and they can bring the audience to a new level of intensity that spurs them to action.

  2. Humorous

    Motivational SpeakerIf you really think about it, the best things that we remember about talks and speeches are those that evoke strong emotions.  Majority of people seem to remember humorous quotes and funny anecdotes more than very serious stories.  A great speaker knows how to use appropriate humor to get the message across.  Humor usually breaks the ice and allows even the most reluctant and dubious audience member to listen to what you have to say.

  3. Has the ability to listen well

    It is one thing to hear what the audience has to say, but to actually listen to your audience while you are speaking takes a lot of sensitivity and skill.  A good speaker knows that it is not just about them.  The audience is not there simply to applaud the speaker, but they are there because they have needs that have to be met.  When the speaker is sensitive enough to know if the audience is engaged, then they will not get their message across effectively.
    A good speaker also prepares well by listening to what the client has to say.  They usually find out what message the client wants the speaker to convey to the target audience and incorporate that in their speech.

  4. Excellent Communication

    Having excellent communication skills is a basic trait that any public speaker should have.  What constitutes excellent communication skills?  It is not just pronouncing and enunciating words clearly, and being grammatically correct. Speakers with exemplary communication skills string words together and connect stories that tug at the heartstrings.  They do not only target the mind, but they target the heart.  Excellent communicators get right to the point and do not dawdle.  They don’t sugarcoat anything and say them as straightforward as possible.  Getting the message across as clearly as possible is one important trait that excellent communicators have.

  5. Strong set of Beliefs

    A strong set of beliefs simply means that a speaker is not easily swayed by new-fangled theories and the latest mindsets.  He or she has usually developed a tried and tested formula through years of experience and is willing to share that with the audience.

  6. Substantial

    There are far too many speakers nowadays who incorporate a lot of fluff in their speeches.  Sadly, many companies regret inviting big name speakers who do not have anything substantial to say to the audience.  An excellent speaker has something good to say that will be of good use to the people who are listening to them. They research about the topic, about the industry or company and customize their content accordingly.

One of the best programs that your company can get is the service provided by our organization, motivational-speaker-success.com.  We recognize that every company has specific needs that are unique only to them, and we do not neglect this fact.  We offer a variety of topics and are able to customize these topics based on the company’s needs and the target audience.

Effective Motivational Speaker

Our main speaker Garrison Wynn is an industry veteran that offers fresh perspectives on topics.  He is the epitome of the top 6 traits of an effective motivational speaker. He has presented to some of the best industry leaders from multi-billion companies. He always abides by his winning formula of business plus humor plus motivation equals real solutions, real entertainment, and real value.

Top companies can attest to Garrison Wynn’s electrifying keynote addresses and motivational speaking engagements.  His stories and his powerful message is a topic of conversation for days.  Top companies such as United Airlines, Fidelity, the United States Department of Defense, Subway, Verizon, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Mercedes-Benz and many more have testimonies to share on just how Mr. Wynn exceeded their expectations as he inspired and challenged people from these great organizations.

Where to Buy Golf Equipment

September 21, 2016/ Accessories/ 1 comments

In today’s age, we seldom see individuals, especially kids, go out and play with friends. If ever they go out and bond with their friends, they still go computer shops to play online games. It was so different from the time of our parents and grandparents. Whenever they feel like playing they go out and play with their friends. That is why many parents encourage their children to indulge themselves in sports activity. And one of them is golf.

For those who had been playing the game for a long time now, they often say that it is one of the most expensive sports. Why? If a person wanted to play golf, he or she must spend for those equipment. Do not be mistaken that golf equipments only comes with one or two items.

Golf Equipments

Some of the golf equipment includes the golf ball, the golf club, golf bags, golf carts, tee, club head covers and divot tool.

  • Golf ball – during the early days, golf balls were made of hardwood. However, recent changes gave rise to the modern golf balls. Today’s golf balls are composed of two, three or even four layer designs. They are made of different synthetic materials.
  • Golf Clubs – we often notice that golf players carry not only one but several golf clubs with them. When talking about golf clubs, there are different types of clubs. Among them are iron, putters, and wood. Woods are played specifically for long shots while iron is used for precision shots.
  • Golf bag – are used for carrying the different golf equipments. If you look at modern golf bags, you will find drivers numbered from 3 to 9, a putter, 3 woods and pitching or sand wedges. Most golf bags are made of nylon, plastic, land leather. However, the more expensive golf bag includes a pocket with compartments for each golf club.
  • Golf carts – are vehicles used to transport the golf player in and around the golf course. They are designed to carry both the player and the bag. Some golf carts are powered by battery or electric although some are powered by gasoline.
  • Tee – is an object placed on the ground to make it easier for the ball to rest on for an easy shot. However, tees are only allowed during the first strokes or on the first hole.
  • Club head covers – they are used as covers to protect the club in order to avoid hitting each other. It will also be easier for the player to identify one club from another.

Now that you’ve known the different types of golf equipment the next thing one needs to consider is where to buy these equipment. However, before planning where to buy these equipments there are some things a person needs to consider before they buy the necessary golf equipment.

Golf Equipment

First, they need to do some research about the equipments and which one they think will have a big impact on them. There are many options that they can choose from. However, make sure that your choices will have a great impact on how they want the game to be played. Second, establish a budget. As we all know golf is not a hobby to be taken for granted. It is one of the most expensive hobbies one can think of.

A person needs to invest on these equipments but they also need to be aware that they don’t over spend on certain accessories. In fact many first time golf players list down the equipments they will need in order to control their budget. And lastly, they need to identify whether they want quality or quantity of these equipments.

Some people prefer to buy the best equipments at higher prices. However, what about the quality of the product? In comparison, some people prefer to buy these equipments at a lower price but with a better quality. So, these are the two things you need to take into consideration before buying the equipment of your choice.

Now that you’ve taken these things into consideration, the last question would be where you can buy these golf equipments. In fact, there are many stores that cater to sports enthusiasts. You can buy these golf equipments in one of these stores. In addition, there are also a lot you can choose from online. All it takes is just a click of a mouse. So there you have it. We hope this information will help people in looking for the golf equipment of their choice.

Cloud 9 Bliss

May 9, 2016/ Technology/

As if you don’t have enough troubles already keeping up with the dizzying advancements in computing technology, here’s another that will likely have you gazing at the skies and wondering. You’ve probably heard it already – Cloud Technology or simply Cloud. Your peers in the business community might have already mentioned it to you at one point. Or if you’re just a regular technophobe trying to manage your fears in the workplace, a colleague or two had likely sung its praises and left you dumbfounded.

So here you are, wanting to be in the know and aching to be current but embarrassed to ask anyone lest you get branded as living under a rock. Maybe the next few minutes will help keep you up to speed.

cloud computingIn layman’s language cloud computing involves remotely running applications and accessing files stored in other people’s or organization’s servers click here for hosting services.  If this is still too complicated to understand, you can try this for starters. Suppose someone wants to send you a video via email. Potentially, there is already a twin dilemma at work here. One, the sender may not be aware that the video could exceed the allowable file size. Second, the format of the video may not even be compatible to the available applications you have. If this had merely been a frivolous exchange among friends, you’d probably just disregard this or maybe ask your friend to upload it on YouTube. But what if this was something important and urgent to your business? By now, you would likely be breathing down the necks of your IT guys or anyone else competent to solve this problem pronto. Now to see how cloud computing can come to your rescue.

Contrary to what you might think, the essence of cloud computing technology is not actually new. It has been around since computers became an indispensable tool in the way we communicate and do business. In the ancient days of networking, long before search engine companies came to make this process a lot easier, companies usually ran e-mails as an application where data was stored in-house. Given this scenario, it was very likely all the files, documents, messages, and other things that one would currently associate with today’s e-mail were once stored in a secured area of the work place were no unauthorized personnel could access it for security purposes.

It was towards the end of the last millennium when search engine companies were born and established themselves on the virtual landscape. They offered a breakthrough in the way e-mail was treated and utilized. These companies opened their servers to store e-mail information free of charge. However, to access that data, one had to use their applications.  Practically, this is what cloud computing is all about.

Into the 21st century, the concept of cloud technology is the same except that it now covers a significantly bigger scope. It can now accommodate bigger applications that will leverage your business goals. For instance, you can now run all your computer networks and programs as a whole without ever buying an extra piece of hardware or software.

Among the many benefits that would explain its popularity, these two are the most obvious:

•companies can save a lot of money
•companies are able to abort inevitable or inadvertent disasters that could arise using the regular server protocols

To illustrate the appeal of cloud computing, check out this scenario. Imagine the licensing fees that you have to pay for if you’re planning to install an application or software for each and every computing unit of your office. The total cost is painfully astronomical. Now, with cloud technology, a company only needs to buy the software once and have the application installed on a virtual server somewhere in the “cloud” where authorized personnel can easily access and share it.

Cloud technology has also extended its reach to personal use and can only get better from here. Think of the endless possibilities that it can bring to mobile phones. Already, there are a few solutions that will allow you to use mobile in the cloud. Exciting isn’t it? To see what related advancements will soon transpire in cloud technology, in a year.

Updates on Cloud Technology

April 19, 2016/ Technology/

Welcome to CloudBreakSD.com – your source of the biggest and hottest updates on cloud technology. That’s right! We make sure to gather all the latest news throughout the world (and all over the web), bringing you only the most relevant information on this emerging technology. Still not convinced? Check out these topics that we generally tackle:


·        Trust Issues

Having your personal or business data stored over the internet might seem like a secure way of eliminating the need for creating continuous physical backups (and for bringing copies along with you wherever you go to ensure access), and it really is. However, it’s only as secure as the trust that you put on your cloud-technology provider. Sometimes, underhanded tactics and unannounced changes ruin the bond between cloud companies and their valued clients. Security breaches (especially those that get covered up) are synonymous with trust concerns as well.

·        Rules and Regulations

For individuals who save their files on the cloud, these rules and regulations don’t really matter much. However, for firms that operate in countries where there are strict rules on storing data at the corporate level, it’s important to stay on top of every update that might have a legal impact. That’s why we don’t hesitate to discuss in length whatever changes occur in these government-enforced guidelines – and we don’t just pick a few countries to focus on (we cover every update across the world).

·        Environment Options

When it comes to cloud technology, having choices is of utmost importance. After all, different individuals and businesses need different kinds of cloud-computing solutions. Whether it’s about the sheer amount of data that needs to be stored or the allocation of resources that must be secured, you must never hesitate to pinpoint what best fits your needs. Don’t worry though, as we’ll help you with that – by providing you with all the information necessary to decide which service or provider would be perfect for your specific needs.

·        App Developments

We all know that the cloud isn’t only about storing and accessing data. It also has the potential to eliminate the need to install, execute, and maintain entire applications. In this blog, you’ll learn about the various major players in the application outsourcing market. You will discover their latest breakthroughs, and find out whether any one of those could be of use to you in your pursuits – whether those are personal or business-related. Through this, you will easily find out whether you are missing out on great things on the app-outsourcing front.

cld-app-dev-gp34Remember though, that we aren’t merely about giving you updates – we also provide every other thing that you might need in your quest to understand the cloud. With this, we understand that a single perspective might not be enough to give you a holistic view of certain matters. That’s why we have also set up ways to allow our visitors to communicate with one another and even discuss the newest trends, issues, and developments amongst themselves.

If, on the other hand, you wish to get in touch with us (for whatever reason – questions, opinions, or even opportunities), don’t hesitate to send us an email. Rest assured that we will do our best to respond at the soonest possible time. Well, if by any chance you wish to give us praise, please do so by leaving a review at the appropriate section of the blog. Much like every other site that aims to enlighten netizens, we appreciate any positive feedback that you give us.

Once again, welcome to CloudBreakSD.com. We hope that you enjoy your stay – so much so that you’d be coming back for more. We’d also really appreciate it if you’d tell your friends and colleagues about us – the more visitors we get, the more eager we become in offering only the best information resources. Remember, it’s not our goal to keep you up to date with everything cloud-related – it is our responsibility.